Solar Panels Langkawi


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Solar panels are a fantastic way to power your boat long term, most everyone knows this but how many, how much and how to control it is the challenge. Have a look at some of the products and data sheets listed below. We have outfitted dozens of local and visiting cruising boats over the last few years in Langkawi and offer comprehensive solutions to on board energy needs. From individual small panels only to a complete kit of over a kilowatt with all the fire retardant cables, IP67 waterproof plugs and MPPT controllers, we supply it all and can help you identify what is required to get the fossil fuel out of your daily life. email for prices as these change a lot based on exchange rates. For a general overview on solar systems without the hype have a look at this. Light of my life

Solar Panel connections

Waterproof connections included

On offer are 265 watt panels, 340 watt panels and 100 watt panels with long (up to 25 years power output) warranty; all polycrystalline so they will keep working in the hotter tropical temperatures. Here is a data sheet on the popular & economical 265 panel. canadian_solar-265

Complete Kits with 265 watt panels below or substitute for 340 watt panels for extra power. Email for a data sheet on the 340 watt panels.

You know the fine print story, all subject to change without prior notice blah blah.

Power Point 530 watts

• 2 x 265 watt panels
• 2 x 10 metre 6mm2 cables with IP67 plugs as above
• 1 x 2 into 1 branch plugs IP67
• 1 x 40 amp MPPT controller ML2440 adjustable chemistry, selectable digital display
• Freight & packing to Telaga, RLYC or the location of your choice. Rebak delivery may require additional involvement and expense.

This is the option favoured by the 1 or 2 fridge boat, this installation is simply both panels connected via the 2 into 1 plug and cabled to the controller.

Power House 795 watts

• 3 x 265 watt panels
• 4 x 10 metre 6mm2 cables with IP67 plugs as above
• 2 x 2 into 1 branch plugs IP67
• 2 x 40 amp MPPT controller ML2440
• Freight & packing as above

Popular with catamarans and larger monos the above involves joining 2 panels in parallel (with the supplied 2 into 1 plugs) and connecting to a controller. The third panel is independently wired with supplied cable to the second controller or all wired in parallel to equally share the controller output; each has advantages.

Power Station 1060 watts

• 4 x 265 w panels
• 2 x MPPT ML2440 (40 amps each)
• 4x 10 metre 6mm 2 fire retardant cable with IP67 waterproof plugs
• 4 x IP67 plugs to suit 2 branch into 1
• Packing and delivery as above.

This will suit the really heavy user but will go a long way to running your show even in bad weather conditions.

3 panel cat

3 panel cat