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Langkawi, Peninsula Malaysia, Sabah, Thailand, SE Asia

+ 60 16 454 3174 (Malaysia)
or + 60 14 942 5622
Phone reception can be intermittent so if no response please send an email or Whats App; we will get back to you soon.
Prices are as follows. RM = Malay Ringgits, well over 4 to the USD and about 3 to the AUD, (November  2022). Payment by cash, bank transfer or Pay Pal accepted. Thai Baht, Euros, US and Australian dollars are OK. It is common to get a reduction in the USD vessel buy price  similar to the RM survey price.
For example (recent real life case) the survey costs RM 2500 and a USD 5000 price reduction is achieved with the survey report, try to get a better return on your investment than that !


150 RM, per hour. Generally a two or three hour inspection will be enough to answer most of your initial questions to help decide whether to proceed or look elsewhere. Minimum 4 hour fee if not performed at Telaga Harbour in Langkawi. A link to a photo file can be supplied and a phone call scheduled to discuss what the pictures mean when we are both looking at the same image. For metal boats stray current testing (electrochemical potential) is available to determine if the boat is adequately protected against corrosion.

This inspection will supply you with additional information on the vessel of interest. Rather than traveling to inspect everything for sale we can narrow the field for you by an initial objective look at the boat to determine basic condition and suitability for your purpose. Written report with pictures available if preferred.

Project Management

Getting a (new to you) boat ready for your use can be a time consuming and frustrating process in Asia and elsewhere. We can plan your project, advise on the best solutions, acquire and install most equipment required. This service is particularly beneficial if you are away from the boat and need work done in your absence. Solar panel systems and power management (battery charging etc) comprehensive solutions available. Many dozens of local cruising and offshore boats have successfully resolved their energy problems with our solar kits. It does not have to be difficult, email or call for a real long term solution, not a pipe dream fix.

Pre purchase survey

Comprehensive inspection both in and out of the water with a sea trial where possible. Suggested sequence where boat is in the water is, in water inspection, sea trial, slip and out of water inspection. Slipping at customers expense. Naturally , if the boat is already out of the water this inspection is done first. Split inspections, (surveys done in 2 or more visits) can be performed if circumstances require. Comprehensive written report with pictures included. If Pangkor is the survey location about RM 900 additional charges for flights, accommodation and travel will be due depending on the dates. Other SE Asian and world locations on request.

Contact us with the vessel size and type for the price.

Multihulls & twin engined vessels plus 500 RM, if 2 visits to the boat are required (for example in water inspections first & out of water at a later date) plus Rm 200.

Insurance surveys if a sea trial is not required get a price reduction.

We reserve the right to change prices.

For a look at an ebook on buying a boat offshore go to Buying a Boat Offshore

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