Marine Batteries LiFePO4


Lithium Iron Phosphate

Now available in Langkawi

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You probably know about these batteries and are aware of the benefits over lead acid based (sealed, AGM, flooded and Gel) batteries. These are the future for marine power. Proven safe, exceptionally long life, constant voltage output, small size for the power, half or less of the weight and cost effective over time compared to lead acid. Charge in a fraction of the time compared to AGM or lead acid due to the high charge acceptance rate.

Standard batteries need to be discharged to no less than 50% of capacity to realise a reasonable life of perhaps 3 or 4 years. So if you have 600 Amp Hours (AH) on board you have access to only 300 AH before starting to damage the batteries. In real life this is frequently not possible and batteries fail prematurely with all the fun of buying new ones, dragging out the old and replacing big heavy items. If the identical case size is not available then the pleasure extends to modifying your boat to accept and secure the new units. Not my idea of a good time every couple of years.

LiFePO4 batteries will change this, light, power dense and happy to discharge to over 80% of capacity with NO voltage drop, your electronics and equipment will benefit from the constant power. No memory effect means you can charge when it suits you not when the batteries approach 50% of capacity. Large discharge capacity will run the windlass, power winches, thrusters, microwave and other high load items that can draw huge current as the voltage from the lead acid batteries drop and the amps increase.

Now available in Langkawi duty free, save up to 30% in tax alone; competitive prices, delivery to your marina or Rebak jetty included and straight talking advise. Solar controllers with a LiFePO4 setting available if required.
12 volt 200 AH units or 24 volt 100 AH units, other sizes on request.

Here is a typical case study by way of example.

Mr. Boat has a 600 amp hour AGM house battery bank and a seperate sealed start battery, these are on seperate circuits and can be linked if required. Mr. Boat has a DC fridge and seperate DC freezer. Sadly the house batteries no longer pull their weight (and they are VERY heavy), so need to be replaced. Mr. Boat anxiously researches, about USD 700.00 for a reputable deep cycle 200 AH AGM and he needs 3, USD 2100.00 or about Rm 8800.00 !!! Bugger that says he, I’m in Asia, I can do better than that ! And he can, 2 x LiFePO4 batteries offer more available power than he previously had at the 50% discharge rate, (300 AH available AGM and 380 AH available for 2 x 200 AH LiFePO4) and costs significantly less than Rm 8800.00, he can expect at least twice the service life and a third of the weight. Installation was not difficult, he didn’t have to replace equipment and the banks can still be linked if required!

As you read this Mr. Boat is enjoying an ice cold drink and toasting LI battery technology.

All batteries include ABS case (8D size) with a built in Battery Management System (BMS).

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