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Your prospective boat needs to be ready for survey. This means keys should be available and access arranged with the owners or brokers. The vessel needs to be in a reasonable state to allow access to all required areas. A cluttered boat over flowing with gear and junk will hamper the process. It should be ready for operation, for example an engine with the starter motor missing will seriously affect the test!

cooleenslipIf the boat is in the water then the onboard inspection and sea trial will take place and then the vessel will be lifted for underwater inspection. This lift needs to be organised prior to the survey and any cost for this is a client expense. If in the water ideally the bottom and prop should not be too fouled as this will affect performance.

If the vessel is already out of the water the process is reversed and this has the benefit of a clean hull for the sea trials. For some research have a look at the link for the ebook shown below. Marine Electrics Made Simple.

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